Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The best story yet!

So, I've heard so many stories from Rev already. But this one tops them all.

They get a call about a man who drove up a mountain that a nearby cell phone tower was one. This guy wrecks his car and takes off.

Rev gets on the scene, the firefighters explain that they found articles of clothing littering the path.

Rev and his FTO get to the top of the ridge and are looking.  Rev gets a hunch, walks towards a small ledge and looks down.

A man with shoulder length stringy hair is running down the hillside.... butt naked!

"Sir, I found him." He calls back to his FTO.

The man trips on a stone, goes flying head-over-heels through the air - arms and legs a-flailing - to the bottom of the hill.

Rev handcuffed him, found heroin needles in the guys discarded pants pockets, took him to jail, booked him, and sanitized his cuffs (which the perp was supposedly sitting on and scratching his naked bum with. yuck!).

Best story yet!

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