Monday, May 16, 2011

On his own...

The day has finally come!  

My man is totally on his own. :)

Several of the things he is looking forward to:
  • Controlling the temperature in his cruiser
  • Listening to the radio station he wants (or doesn't want) to
  • Being able to stop when he needs to in order to "relieve" himself (lol, that one made me laugh!)
  • The ability to follow his own methods and systems!
His FTO's last day on Rev's crew was actually last week. It was bittersweet for Rev... he was glad that he was with his FTO until practically the end of his training.

I'm excited for him... and nervous too.  It was a comfort to me to know that he had his FTO backing him up. Now, I just have to trust that he knows what he is doing and that he will make the right choices on his own. I have to trust his training and trust him. 

I'm truly more excited than worried... this is what he has been waiting for!

1 comment:

  1. It was many years ago, but I actually remember the day I was allowed to go out on my own - the cruiser all to myself. I was so thankful to be without my FTO (back then, we had several). He'll do great.