Friday, February 25, 2011

Another First Day...

It seems like there are a lot of "First Days" in law enforcement.

First day in the Detectives department, first day on the new crew, first day on the new shift.... It goes on and on!

Today was Rev's first day in full dress :)  Gosh, my guy looks good in that uniform! Like.... smokin' good!

His first day in uniform out on the beat with his FTO, and is now safely on his way back home.

Tonight we have his dad's 50th birthday party. He originally was scheduled to work tonight  (would have been his first night shift)... he got some flack when he mentioned it to his Cpl.... a little ribbing about being the new guy and already asking for a day off lol.  He was going to still work, but his Cpl told him to take the night to be with his family.  I don't know how if the family really understands that it was A BIG DEAL that he got this night off!

I know there will be multitudes of family functions in our future that he will have to miss, but for now I'm thankful that he will be at this one. It will mean a lot to his dad (who is celebrating a year of being cancer free!).

First day in uniform, first time getting off for a family function :)  It's been a good day!

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