Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mrs. Rev :)

A year and a half ago we found out that my husband was accepted into the police academy. We had been married a little over 4 years... after much prayer and guidance-seeking my husband applied to the academy and got it!

He did so well throughout the year - he took night classes - becoming Sgt. of the class and receiving the physical fitness award, academic achievement award, and becoming a member of the Deans List.  While in the academy, one of his teachers pointed out that he looks a bit like the Reverend from the HBO show "True Blood". The name Rev stuck.

Rev graduated in December, and by the end of January had a full time job as a Deputy Office.

It has been a lot of give-and-take. It's put some strain on us, but I think that it has made us stronger and our marriage is stronger at this moment than it has ever been. I'm so proud of him and what he has already accomplished.

During this time I've developed and grown my photography business which allows me to set my own hours and be my own boss. This is AWESOME for us - it allows us time to be together while still having our own careers. I photograph local and destination weddings, which gives us the opportunity to travel often together.

After saying all that.... I am so new to this.

There are times when I want to wake up.... to know that my husband will be besides me in bed, not out patroling the streets.

There are moments that I'm very lonely. I have 3 dogs to keep me company, but since I work from home I am by myself the majority of the time. I love my pups, but conversations tend to be one-sided!

Sometimes I feel like I don't understand Rev enough.... but then, as much as he shares with me and tries to keep me updated on his life when I'm not around... there are things that I almost don't want to know. Does that even make sense?

So this is the journey that we are on.

I never dreamed or imagined that I would be married to a cop. Yet, here I am. I am in love with a handsome wonderful man, who wears a badge and goes out on the streets to keep both my neighbors/loved ones and idiotic/stupid strangers safe. Whether they want him there or not.

I haven't been the wife of a cop long enough to deal with the many issues, joys, successes, failures, fears that I know must come along with the title.... but I know that we can make it through anything. We have faith in God, and faith in this relationship of ours that he has cultivated. With Him, all things are possible!

So this is my journal about my life. My life loving and living with a police officer.

Wait!......... I'm married to a cop????

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