Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last night was one of those nights. Rev was off, and decided to go work out instead of staying home with me... on his night off. He was gone until almost 5 am!

Granted, he was with his best friend (who's wife is MY best friend) who is also a cop. They don't drink and aren't party-animals, so I know they were probably simply playing xbox and goofing off.

Still, I was wide awake at home. Thanks to Rev getting me on HIS sleeping schedule (argggh)!

I don't want to be one of those wives... so I feel guilty for even feeling like this.

I just want him to want to be here on his nights off. Can't he find something to do here? I don't have any problem finding more than enough work/busy stuff to keep me occupied. And it wasn't like I was sleeping... I was awake!

*sigh* Wish I had a manual right about now....


  1. I feel ya', Mrs. I don't know what makes it better. These feelings are normal (I think we all have them sometimes) but they don't seem to be "allowed" for us. I try to tell myself that at least The Lion isn't out drinking and getting into trouble, but it doesn't help all the time, either. I'm sorry you had a bad night.

  2. I understand :( It is completely normal and ok to have those feelings. I would be upset also. Talk to him about how you feel and how you would like him to see you on his nights off.

  3. Thanks girls... We've had a couple of talks since then. There has to be a balance somewhere and I guess we are just going to have to try different things out until we find that balance...

  4. That's good to hear - my DH's academy instructors told them that they key to keeping an intact (and happy) LEO marriage is to "talk, talk, talk, Never stop talking." There's gotta be something to it if a bunch of Old Salts are running around saying it.