Saturday, March 26, 2011

Less Irritated...

Things have been SO much better since Rev's been on days!

I can see this playing out... I will love days. I will put up with nights. It won't be that bad...

I've noticed that he likes to be home a lot more during days. And it is so very very nice to be able to go to sleep with him by my side every night. (Now if only I can get on day schedule, it would be great! LOL)


We did our budget this past Wednesday. Yikes.

Yikes.  Yikes.  Yikes.  (1 is bad, 3 Yikes is really bad.)

It appears that, in order to make ends meet he is going to have to pick up some hours elsewhere as will I.
We got ourselves in a financial mess early in our marriage and are now paying the fiddler (or piper or whoever the fellow is... we are paying him!)

He makes enough to pay our mortgage and utilities.. and that is about it. I've been going through a rough time with the photography business... winters are always tough. It's picking up but I'm going to pick up a part-time job to help until we get out of this debt hole that we have ourselves in.

We don't live extravagant lifestyles, our mortgage is average, we own our vehicles.... but Rev was unemployed while he was going to the Academy and I'm still in the first 2 years of my business. It just all came on so quickly and now we owe just about everybody it seems!

We decided in January that we were going to follow Dave Ramsey's plan to a Debt Free life... so we are on the path and are excited about actually doing this - it is just real frustrating when you work so hard and it still doesn't seem to be enough. You know?

I was so shocked when I found out what our boys actually make. I mean, really. It's pathetic.
It makes me want to shake these sports players who play these games and hold out for another 5 million in their contract. Seriously?

Not to be melodramatic or sound like the whining wife here.... but this society is MESSED UP!

A police officer has to take a second job just to put food on the table.... while the baseball player whines and complains about not having enough to buy that second home in Martha's Vineyard and that 5th sports car he so badly wants. It's just sad. It makes me sad.

But you know what?? With God, all things are possible!!!

After we had the moment of truth (where we thought we were going to have to sell the house, live out of our cars, and eat mini wieners out of a can... melodramatic me again!), we talked it over, and now we know what we have to do for the next 4-5 years to get out of this hole. And we did it all without knocking each other out or raising our voices! We have a budget, we have a plan, and we can do it!

We then had one of my favorite parts so far of our 6 year marriage. We went down by the lake at his parent's house... away from everything. We sat and held each other, quietly talking, and then Rev began to pray for us.

He prayed that God would forgive us for being improper stewards of our money, that He would bless our efforts and give us strength and patience on this journey.

We want to be a blessing to Him and to His kingdom, and so we gave it all to Him right there by the lake. Holding each other and knowing that God is holding us in His arms too. We will do our part, and we are confident that God will do His. He has never let us down!!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Blue and I feel we're back at square one with him in Academy. We've been a bit foolish with money from time to time and now Blue is just starting out in a new career. I stay home with the kids and so I can't really contribute. It can get overwhelming sometimes. He'll be making a good salary in a few years but it's the inbetween that I'm worried about.

    Trying to trust that God will provide...